Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why a Modern man prefers a wife who eats Flaxseed


1- She is always cheerful, obedient, faithful and submissive. She doesn’t nag and doesn’t criticize his parents.

2- She is cute, beautiful and has shapely figure with long & silky hair and glowing, fair, velvety & pimple free skin.

3- She remains mad in his love, conceives in time, has enough omega-3 in her womb critically required by her fetus for development of vivid eyes, internal ear and brain and she produce more milk so her child gets brilliant brain and faster learning skill.

4- She has smooth menopause & stays emotionally connected with him throughout life. She neither have hot flashes, osteoporosis, insomnia & depression nor suffer from any cancer e.g. breast, skin, colon, uterus etc.

5- She is spiritual in meditation room, active in kitchen, cool in living room and hot in bed room.

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