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Immunity System, Aids, Cancer & Anemia

Immunity System, Aids, Cancer & Anemia:

AIDS & Cancer:

Stage One: (15 days) use 6 spoonfuls per day (2 in the morning- 2 at midday- 2 in the evening)

Stage Two: (15 days) use 4 spoonfuls per day (2 in the morning -2 in the evening)

Start with (2) spoonfuls in the morning before breakfast, (2) spoonfuls after lunch, and (2) spoonfuls in the evening for (15) days.. Then reduce the dosage to (2) spoonfuls in the morning and (2) in the evening for another (15) days.. After the (30) days, do a medical checkup and even if the disease is not totally cured repeat the dosage for extra (30) days, you don't have to rub your body with oil this time.. check monthly and repeat using (2) spoonfuls in the morning and (2) in the evening for (30) days.. You should be cured within the first (30) days, but it is better to continue using the oil in order to improve your immunity system.. There is no side effects.

patient must do a medical check every 30 days (after stage 1 and 2) to watch progress.

patient is recommended to use an overall coating clothes when rubbing the skin, but note that you should start this procedure immediately with the first dosage, this is good for side effects on skin and other skin diseases. this is for 7 days or more.

Some late cases must repeat the dosage depending on their case. In such case, use 3 spoonful instead of 6 for the first 7 days, then after getting better return to the normal dosage.

Women with breast cancer must start rubbing the breast and apply warm bandage until you feel warm and then rub again after drying the breast for 2 weeks. This rule is applied for all other tumors and there might be a visible tumor which is a side-effect and nothing to worry.

Women after 2 weeks of starting dosage must inject (20cc) of the oil into the vagina before bed time for 7 days or more.

This oil improves the appetite, thus helps HIV patient to increase the CD4 from 100 up to 400 after the 37 days dosage, I advise not to perform any hard work unless the CD4 reaches 750.

To gain the maximum advantage of rubbing the oil, you better use an overall plastic coat for 3 hours.

You can continue using the pharmaceutical drugs while using this oil.

One last important point, this oil reduces depression.

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