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Peter Dudek

Peter Dudek

PeterDudek - Posted Jun 29th 2010

I do not have cancer but my family has a history of heart disease and diabetes. I encountered the Budwig Diet when I ordered two of her books a few years ago to try and help what I thought was arthritis that had been developing over a period of 3 years or so.

I had severe pain in my hip, knee and ankle of my right the point of not being able to put any weight on it. Being naturally very mistrustful of doctors and hospitals I started doing research on my own. That is how I found out about Dr. Budwig.

I followed the Budwig diet the best I could (which was very difficult because my wife's a good cook and we have 6 children and the entire family is completely entrenched in the typical American diet).

After about a month of following the Budwig diet, all of my pain was completely gone. And I lost 20 pounds in the process!

Unfortunately, I did not keep on the program. But now, I am going to follow the program again. The reason is for prevention, to enjoy better health, and to possibly cure my asthma.

I would also like to thank you Ursula for creating the DVD. I received it yesterday and watched it an hour ago. It is wonderful!

Thank you so much for all your hard work! I wish you the best of success! I will definitely do what I can to help spread the word.
                        Posted by Peter Dudek on Jun 29th 2010
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