Monday, April 15, 2013

Alsi chattney

Alsi chattney

Proportion for 100 gm Alsi ( You can adjust as per your need)

1. 100 gm alsi , lightly roasted, and course grinded (just before oil
comes out ) just grind shortly on lowest speed, few time.
2. 30 gm ground nut / 30 gm dalia . Roast ground nut and again grind
3. 30 gm til (Sesame Seeds), lightly roasted and grind lightly
4. Take one garlic bulb , peel it and with little oil make it
crisp.Grind again to paste
5. Take Kaddi Patta (curry Leaves) about a Cup Full= about 2 feast full, wash it , spread in a cloth to dry.
Or take dried curry patta leaves.Gring to make powder course.
6. Salt to taste- about 1 tea spoon(better to use sea salt ) 
7. sugar to taste- about 2 tea spoon ( can avoid also ( for gujaraties specially))
8. chilli powder to taste- about 1 tea spoon
9. Amchur Powder( Dried Unripe mango powder) – about 1 tea spoon
Now mix all these items and grind lightly to mix homogeneously

Can take in toast/bread- 
to sprinkle on salad,
add to curd.
Or as you like. 1 to 2 tea spoon as per your liking and as suit you.
Helps in controlling cholesterol , along with medical treatment.

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