Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why a Modern woman prefers a husband who eats Flaxseed

1- He looks more handsome, attractive, romantic and muscular. His skin glows and hair shine. He is free from dandruff. She feels proud of him among her friends and relatives.

2- He has increased stamina, more energy, strong will power, better memory and improved learning skill. So naturally he earns more and remembers her shopping lists well.
3- He is always remains cheerful, active, cool, doesn't get angry, doesn't get tired and is always ready to do household chores allotted.
4- He remains free from obesity, diabetes, raised blood pressure, enlarged prostate, cancers etc., means stays away from hospitals and doctors and therefore gets more time to take you to shopping malls, multiplex, pubs and parties.

5- He ensures a better emotional and physical intimacy.

DR. O.P.Verma

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