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Sarat Chandra Rajkhowa

Introduction of Sarat Chandra Rajkhowa
Chief editor of 
Swasthya Aur Dirgha Jeevan 

 प्रिय भड़ासियों, 

आज मुझे श्री शरद चंद्र जी का ई-पत्र मिला। मुझे लगा जैसे मुझे इसे आपके साथ साझा करना चाहिये। ये आसाम की सबसे अच्छी स्वास्थ्य पत्रिका के जनक हैं। ये इन्ही की भाषा का कमाल है जिसके कारण इन्होंने उसे (मुझे) भी आसाम में लोकप्रिय बना दिया जिसे आसामी भाषा में आसाम भी पढ़ना लिखना नहीं आता। मैं इनकी पत्रिका और इनके लिए शुभकामना करता हूँ। आप भी इनके प्रयासों को सराहें और शुभकामनाएं दें। इनका पत्र और परिचय मैं नीचे दे रहा हूँ।

आपका छोटा सा स्वास्थ्य रक्षक, 
डॉ. ओम वर्मा 

Respected Dr. O.P. Vermaji 
President, Flax Awareness Society
7-B-43, Mahaveer Nagar III, Kota (Raj.)
Visit him at
Thanks for the articles on Flaxseed published in the News Papers.These are very important and valuable articles

on that subject indeed. But I have to say that,I find it difficult to read these pages as these are scanned copies only.I shall be obliged if you can send the original typed copies of them and I shall reproduce them later and publish in our journal.

Again I have to say that,I have been sending our journal regularly to you by post but I don't get to know whether you have received these or not so far.Kindly let me know the fate of these journals by mail,so that I can enquire in the post office about delivery of them.Till now I have translated several articles of yours and got published in our own journal in Assamese These articles got tremendous popularity from our readers in and outside Assam and by now you had been established as a valued writer among them.Hope you would continue your endeavour in writing and sending articles to me for our readers who are benefited from them so far.

Thanking you,
With regards,

Introduction of Sarat Chandra Rajkhowa
June 2001 – May 2011 (10 years)
we have been publishing an Assamese health magazine namely SWASTHYA ARU DIRGHA JEEVAN since June 2001 and the magazine gained tremendous popularity among the readers of rural as well as urban areas of Assam and neighbouring states of North-East India.

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