Friday, February 25, 2011

Alsi Chetna Yatra Second

अलसी चेतना यात्रा द्वितीय

I have completed my second 9 days (1650 Km.) Flax Awareness Journey. Brief details are as follows:

Dec 14, 2011 Devas Seminar & Press Conference at English Tutorials.

Dec 15 & 16 at Bhopal. Attended Ayurved National Conference on Panchkarma. India’s Famous Ayueved Doctors, Natural Healers, Panchkarma Experts & students attended the Conference. I had a lecture there on Flaxseed & Dr. Budwigs Protocol. I distributed my booklet to everybody free of cost.

Dec 17 Lecture at Ayueced College, Bhopal.

Dec 18 Lecture at Yoga centre, Bhopal & Press Conference at Bhopal.

Dec 20 Lecture & Press Conference at Engineering College, Vidisha.

Dec 21 Lecture at Faculty of Management Studies at Sagar University.

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