Thursday, December 7, 2017

Miracle of Budwig Protocol Dawne Ulvano healed her cancer in 9 months

Dawne Ulvano healed her cancer in 9 months


Hello, my name is Dawne and I live in United States. I am here to share with you my cancer experience and how Dr. Verma’s book “CANCER CAUSE AND CURE”, really helped me along my journey. Then finally after I had gotten that good news, I came across a very important book. It is besides my Bible my Creator’s word, I consider this my second Bible. The Second most important book in my life and we all know that doctor who wrote this. This is very important to me, it is called the “CANCER CAUSE AND CURE” and this book really pulled it all together for me. It saved my life. It saved my sanity. 

       I had cancer that’s the first thing that came into my head “Budwig” and I read one of Dr. Budwig’s book. And it helped me learn a lot about what I am supposed to do, but Dr. Verma’s book made it just a little bit easier to understand because he explains a lot. I was doing the Budwig but I was not doing it quite right, my timing was off. So his book showed me how I am supposed to do it and I got the timing right and another thing with Dr. Verma, I thank you so much for being on Facebook because whenever I had questions, I was able to ask him you know specific questions there and he was so gracious to answer my questions. You know a lot of things when you start doing the Budwig and don’t have correct information, you don’t really understand how you are supposed to do it correct. Lot of people don’t do sauerkraut juice, lot of people don’t do teas and champagne. I started to understand this and I made it part of my protocol. 

       And lot of another thing was that the western medicine doctors here tell you “stay out of the sun “, the sun is bad for you, causes cancer. Budwig didn’t say that. She said you needed it. You need the sun, it is important. And Dr. Verma’s book, you know, reiterates that and lot of other therapies that I didn’t know about. Some therapies that I was doing was the enemas and again I was not doing it quite right until I got Dr. Verma’s book. It explained to me the hows and what I needed to do. I also learned about soaks through his book, bath soaks on how to do it, how long to do it and what you should be putting in your bath tub. And the whys, why it is important to do these bath soaks? And other things that I learned were about supplements, how important they were. And foods, staying away from meats. I used to be a big meat eater. Not anymore, no thank you, no no no. Not especially here in United States what they do to the meat industry does to the food and the processed food I have sworn off meat and I eat raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. That is the base of my diet.  

      And another thing is not just in the cancer, with diabetes. I am type 2 diabetes. I’ve always been told that I will never stop type 2 diabetes. I used to take insulin and I used to take pills. With the diet I am on and the ways that I followed the CANCER CAUSE AND CURE book, I no longer have to take medicines for diabetes, also no longer high cholesterol. So the book is been wonderful as far as helping me with cancer but helping me with my other issues. I also learned to do the mental exercises that the book covers and physical exercises. But the exercises that they talk in the book taught me how to do things to help with my cancer, how to get the lymph nodes cleared, how to get lymph system moving. And also meditation, I never meditated in my life. And I realize the importance of meditation because of what he wrote in his book. 

       One of the things about The CANCER CAUSE AND CURE book is that you gain an immediate understanding of what you got to do. And it put it all together for me, like I said the first three months I was doing it on my own but once I got the book I followed exactly what it said. I noticed a big difference. First of all I was so calm, I was so relaxed and I put a lot of faith into the book. I now I know I put my faith in the right place. This book, you know teaches you how to make the time your friend and the first three months, time was not my friend. I felt like time was against me. With the book I got to use my time wisely. I didn’t waste any more time on research. 

        Once I got the CANCER CAUSE AND CURE book that was the end of my research.. So Dr. Verma, from the bottom of my heart, to the top of my heart and through all my heart I thank you. I thank you so much for saving my sanity and saving my life. Because the tests that are coming back keep showing that everything is good. It has been since May and now its November and I have had two tests in between my blood is still clean there is no tumor and there are no swollen lymph nodes and I thank you. Thank you for being there, thank you for writing the book. So with that I will say farewell.


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