Thursday, December 15, 2016

Miracle Testimonials of Budwig Protocol posted in Our FB group Budwig Protocol

 Lucie Bois  cured her Breast Cancer by Budwig Protocol  

          I shrunk à big tumor (8.5 cm) in my right breast using Essiac and Budwig protocol. plus lots of fresh home made veggies juices, organic products, coffee enemas and much more. You gotta bé committed to à very healthy lifestyle to heal safely.

       Thé tumor has shrunk and could barely bé détectéd on my last Doppler ultrasound test last September and my tumor markers went back into normal range. It took me 2 years and à half to bé there. My only challenge now is cancer métastasized as Paget disease of thé nipple. Long journey some would say. It would bé too long to explain all the protocols I've used (and still using) just on a texto. I could say that I used à quite Big arsenal against cancer. Everything God has provide in His nature and non-toxic scientific méthods.   I never took chemotherapy, radiations nor any surgery.  

        Prayer and my faith in à good God who wants thé best for me. When you know that you are loved deeply by Creator of thé universe who came on earth in thé person of Jesus, it gives me assurance. I am also persuadéd that God is very unpleased with thé corruption in thé actual médical systèm and is raising à squad of uncorrupt pH.D. and survivors who Will show à différent way to heal while respecting thé Law of Nature. Now I havé a very good reason to heal. It is à mission.

 Lucie Bois 
Dec 15, 2016 

   Alisha D'Mello cured her mom's uterine cancer with liver met


  • Hello Dr Verma, thank you for your inspiration and guidance. My mother who has uterine cancer has started the budwig protocol. She is using 2% organic cottage cheese as this is what is available to us. Thank you in advance. Alisha
  • Posted on Jan 26, 2016 

 Hello everyone. Wanted to give an update on mom and share some positivity. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer one year ago..with liver met. Chemo was offered but she declined. Started juicing, doing the budwig protocol, cut out meat dairy and sugar, coffee enemas, light exercise and prayer. Liver met was stable after 3 months, started shrinking after another 3 months. She got results for her CT scan today( its been 6 months since the last one) and all clear! She will continue with her diet indefinitely.

Alisha D'Mello

  Posted on Dec 17, 2016 

Dawne Ulvano Samson heals her Rectal Cancer 

Thank you to my Heavenly Father, God of all creation. Thank you for the news I received today:

mr c is shrinking (rectal cancer), no more swollen lymph node. Original tumor was 3 cm, on August 21, 2016. Today December tumor is down to 1.6cm. I could not have asked for a better Christmas present. I can breathe. GOD is great, he is awesome! With GOD first, raw organic foods and exercise, I will continue my quest to send mr c back where he came from. Thank You My Father GOD for being at my side, guiding me, teaching me, holding me up AMEN

Daily Protocol: GOD, Faith, Budwig, Gerson diet and therapy at home, exercise and a holistic doctor !!! AMEN
                                                                                                         Posted on Dec 15, 2016 

Kathryn Kay Sanders Hahn Posted on Dec25, 2017

Kathryn Kay Sanders Hahn
Kathryn Kay Sanders Hahn I was stage 4 pancreatic metastasized 5 years ago. the best thing is a plant based diet mostly raw.
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Kathryn Kay Sanders Hahn yes! wonderful!

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Urška Colner i am really happy for you Kathryn Kay! may i ask what kind of cancer you had?
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Kathryn Kay Sanders Hahn Pancreatic with metastasis to the liver and abdomen...9 tumors. I used juicing 12 juices a day, coffee enema detox, eating a plant based diet, predominantly raw and several supplements such as vit. D3, essiac, turmeric, spirulina, chlorella. b 12 several others
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Theresa Wood wow xxxx
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Om Verma And Budwig... Flax oil
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Urška Colner And are your tumors gone now or just in remision?
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Kathryn Kay Sanders Hahn honestly I don't use bud wig. it was extremely hard on my stomach. once I went raw in Aug last year all my numbers dropped to just above normal. I get all my own blood work done myself and send away for HCG test. I have not been to the doctor except for a physical fir a visa in 3 years. I feel terrific and my numbers are near normal. I trust God with all of it.
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Theresa Wood Kathryn Kay Sanders Hahn who is your fav raw chef?
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Om Verma

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Urška Colner Good for you! So you dont even get a CT?
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Kathryn Kay Sanders Hahn no not since Nov 2013. what's the point? It's unwanted radiation and no matter what they say I am still going to stay natural.
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Urška Colner True. I am really happy for you. I hope you stay healthy!
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Marva Helmer's post on Jan 1, 2017  

Monica Cheang Good advice! Happy new year!
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Om Verma Happy New Year Monica Cheang
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Marva Helmer Happy New Year and January marks 4 years since my cancer diagnoses, (no treatment from any doctor) and I'm SO thankful for the Budwig Protocol. Haven't felt this good in my entire life.
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Om Verma Bravo Marva Helmer. Elaborate your healing journey to all of us...
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Marva Helmer Right after I was diagnosed, I decided I'm not a good "sick person" and didn't want to spend my time in doctor's offices, taking drugs that can kill you. I was going to live the rest of my life as healthy as I can be. Looking for any information I could find, I came upon the book "Cancer Cause and Cure" and totally changed the way I live my life. I have been following Budwig Protocol, along with prayer and meditation. In the process I've lost 120 pounds, feel great and just started doing Yoga. Thank you for writing the book Om Verma!
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Marva Helmer I had to come back to add, it's easier to maintain good health, rather then try to regain your health once you've lost it. Be aware of what you are eating and avoid processed foods, and stress.
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Om Verma
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Om Verma
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