Friday, November 13, 2015


Kota's Kachori is very delicious and famous. It is available in every street and every corner of the city. Everybody in the city is mad for these Kachories, but it is very harmful for our body. These are fried at a very high temperature (Approx. 600 degree Celsius) in bad Refined Soy Oil. And the worst part of the game is that these are fried again and again in the same oil for several dozen times before it is changed. This makes the oil highly toxic and carcinogenic (e.g. Acrylamide). 

So Flax Awareness Society has developed a Tasty and healthy incarnation of Kachori and named it “Kota Puffs”. Kota Puffs are definitely 10 times Tastier and 100 times Healthier than Kachori. Inside stuff is kept same, but we baked these Puffs at moderate temperature of 200 degree Celsius. There is no reheating of oil. Oil used is most healthy natural and cold-pressed Coconut oil. It should be eaten with green chilly chutney.

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