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With Diet Details

The following is an example of Dr.Budwig's protocol. It is based on her book "Cancer - The Problem and the Solution" [1999], her cookbook "The Oil-Protein Diet" [1952] as well as on the Files and experiences of members of this group.

Most people begin gradually, adding healthy foods & liquids and
eliminating damaging ones. The diet seems simple, but foods are
powerful and can damage or heal a person.
In liver, pancreatic and gall bladder disease it may be best to
begin with a "Transition Diet".
To read more about it, go to Folder 3 and then read File 1.

Dr.Budwig had over a 90% success rate with this protocol with
all kinds of cancer patients over a 50 year period. Many research
studies done in the last ten years support the cancer-fighting value
of foods, juices, sun exposure and relaxation Dr.Budwig recommended.
There are many testimonials in the Files of this group written by
members who have regained their health by following this protocol
after being diagnosed with cancer - many of them terminal.

To start the diet, it helps to have 3 appliances:
1- A coffee bean grinder to grind the whole brown flaxseeds sold
in health food stores or online.
2- An immersion hand-held mixer (a stick-shaped mixer), to blend
flaxseed oil [FO] and cottage cheese [CC] together so that they
become one food, making the oil water-soluble and more absorbable.
3- A vegetable juicer. A masticating-type may give a more healthful
juice than a centrifugal type.

FLAXSEED OIL and COTTAGE CHEESE (fo/cc) or quark: 
Generally, each tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil (FO) is mixed with 2 or
more tablespoons of low-fat organic Cottage Cheese (CC)or quark.
That is a FO/CC ratio of 1:2. Cold-pressed refrigerated liquid organic
FO is used. Most members like either Barlean's or Spectrum brands.
It is best to buy regular FO rather than FO with Lignan. Plenty of
high quality lignans are obtained at a lower cost by the freshly
ground flaxseeds in the diet.

Patients with liver, gallbladder or pancreatic cancer, should begin
very slowly with a transition diet found in the Files.
The FULL PROTOCOL FOR THE UNWELL may include the following:

A glass of sauerkraut juice - it has valuable cancer-fighting benefits.
Home-made is best in order to get the digestive enzymes [recipe in Files].
Anything pasteurized has lost its enzymes.

Start with a cup of green tea or herbal tea. It provides the liquid
required for the ground flaxseeds to swell properly. That is important.
Then eat your Muesli [Muesli in the Budwig diet refers to the recipe

Budwig Muesli recipe: [Prepare only enough for one meal - avoid storing].
[1] Blend 3 tbs flaxseed oil with 6 tbs organic low-fat CC and 2 tbs milk
(no water or watery liquids at this point) with a hand-held immersion electric
blender. The mixture (in this group we often call it FO/CC) should be like
rich whipped cream with no separated oil.
[2] Grind 2 tbs whole flaxseeds and add to the mixture.
[3] Add fresh [frozen if necessary] organic berries which contain cancer-fighting ellagic acid.
[4] Mix in other fresh organic fruit that you like.
[5] Add some fruit juice [e.g. dark grape, blueberry] or milk if mixture is
too thick.
[6] Add organic raw nuts such as almonds, pecans, walnuts or Brazil
nuts [no peanuts] and, if you wish, raw honey or vanilla. Try various fresh
[or frozen if necessary] organic fruits and flavorings for variety.

Freshly-pressed vegetable juice from carrot and/or radish, stinging
nettle, beet, celery, lemon, apple [carrot and beet juices are
especially helpful to the liver and are excellent cancer fighters.]

GO OUTSIDE FOR SUNSHINE - Sun on the skin is very healthful
for vit.D and other benefits. Dr.Budwig. stressed the value of sunlight.
Avoid burning and avoid sunscreen and sunglasses.

If you feel up to having some exercise, individualize it according to your
strength - DON'T OVERDO IT.
Some quotes by Dr.Budwig regarding exercise:
"Often yoga or sport is very important, but sometimes the patient should
not do this" and "I would never allow a cancer patient with metastases to
jog, ride a bicycle, or to practice yoga. His body must relax." She added,
"There is no one treatment that applies for everyone. The patient must
also feel for himself what is good for him." and "The whole subject of
sport must be treated on a very individual basis."

One form of exercise that is beneficial for most people is using a rebounder
because it helps clear the lymph system and promotes better drainage.
See &]

A cup of warm green or herbal tea. Use honey if desired (no sugar).

RAW vegetable salad with FO/CC Salad Dressing including 1 or more
tbs FO blended with 2 or more tbs organic low-fat CC plus 1 tbs organic
apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and spices. For sweeter dressing, add
red grape juice or another fruit juice. If still hungry, add cooked/steamed
veggies & grains.
LUNCH DESSERT: Similar to breakfast with varied fresh raw organic fruits.
Never eat too much so that you are uncomfortable. Smaller amounts of food are
digested better. Work up to six to eight tbs FO per day if possible mixed with
twice as much CC, depending on digestive ability and size. Many people do well
with 6 tbs FO per day. Chew very well to aid and optimise digestion.
Predigestion starts in the mouth. Make sure to take your meals in a peaceful


2 tbs freshly ground flaxseeds stirred into a glass of sparkling wine
or Champagne or stirred into a glass of freshly made fruit juice.

RELAX... IN THE SUN IF POSSIBLE - Relax to relieve stress. It's
healing. Seek out nature, music, chat, laughter, or what pleases you.

Fresh papaya or pineapple juice [both fruits have lots of digestive
enzymes] if they are fresh. Most bottled juices have lost their enzymes.

Vegetable soup or a variety of veggies and starch-containing foods,
well spiced. Add Oleolux and nutritional yeast flakes after cooking.
Choices of cooked starchy foods - buckwheat groats (JB's top choice -
digests well), millet, brown rice, lentils, beans and potatoes.
Add Oleolux 'to taste' to cooked food AFTER COOKING. Also use
it on bread [such as Ezekiel] as a spread. It is made with coconut oil,
flaxseed oil, garlic and onion [recipe in Files under 'Foods'].

A glass of organic red wine if desired.

The above diet can be varied for instance by the many recipes in Dr. Budwig's
book "The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook," sold on Amazon and Barlean's
websites for under $10.

Dr.Budwig stressed that we must AVOID UNHEALTHY FOODS
and SUBSTANCES such as hydrogenated fats, most animal fats, sugar,
white flour, preservatives and processed foods.

++ Avoid leftovers - food should be prepared fresh and eaten soon after
preparation to maximize intake of health-giving electrons & enzymes.

++ At least 3x a day drink warm green or herbal teas, unsweetened or
sweetened only with honey.

++ Stress is very damaging. Avoid stress and anxiety; take time to
relax & enjoy each day. Listen to beautiful music, laugh, do deep
breathing, connect with nature, spend time with people you like.

++ ELDI oils are oils for external application. Dr.Budwig had her
patients use them extensively. [See Files for information].

++ Dr.Budwig did not include supplements in her protocol.
Also, as far as we can tell, she did not use drugs with her protocol
and generally discontinued those that were taken.
Some supplements, especially high amounts of man-made antioxidants,
can seriously interfere with how well the diet works, as can/will some
drugs and treatments (particularly cytostatic [chemo and radiation]
treatments, cortisones, hormones and many pain killers).

Dr.Budwig's book Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart
Infarction, Cancer and other Diseases
 offers an understanding of
the scientific principles behind this protocol. Her cookbook
The Oil-Protein Diet gives practical diet information and recipes.


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