Thursday, December 1, 2011

Flax Awareness Project

Flax Awareness Project and Promotional Budwig Poster Images (Jan 2011)

submitted by Dr. O. P. Verma, India
"Dear Ms. Ursula,
I have received your excellent DVD on Budwigs Protocol. Thanks a million times. It is a great work. It is the First available DVD on this Protocol. It is simple, complete, easy to follow, technically perfect, short and precise yet covers everything. Animations are natural, smooth and flow with the theme & tempo of the subject. Illustrations, scaches, pictures and movie clips are simple, complete and easy. Even audio is clear and crisp. I congratulate you for your great work."
I have completed my second 9 days (1600 Km.) Flax Awareness Journey. Brief details are as follows:
Dec 14, 2011 Devas Seminar & Press Conference at English Tutorials.
Dec 15 & 16 at Bhopal. Attended Ayurved National Conference on Panchkarma. India's Famous Ayueved Doctors, Natural Healers, Panchkarma Experts & students attended the Conference. I had a lecture there on Flaxseed & Dr. Budwigs Protocol. I distributed my booklet to everybody free of cost.
Dec 17 Lecture at Ayueced College, Bhopal.
Dec 18 Lecture at Yoga centre, Bhopal & Press Conference at Bhopal.
Dec 20 Lecture & Press Conference at Engineering College, Vidisha .
Dec 21 Lecture at Faculty of Management Studies at Sagar University.
Thanks, Dr. O.P.Verma
Dr. Verma was kind to share with us wonderful promotional images for free download as well as photos from the Flax Awareness Journey:

click on image to download graphic
Brain with Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Brain with no Omega 3s

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