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Bitter Apricot – Best source of Vitamin B-17

Bitter Apricot – Best source of Vitamin B-17


During 1950, after many years of research, a dedicated biochemist Dr. Ernest T. Krebs Jr., isolated a new vitamin from bitter apricot kernel that he called 'B-17' or 'Laetrile'. He conducted further lab animal and culture experiments to conclude that laetrile would be effective in the treatment of cancer. As the years rolled by, thousands became convinced that Krebs had finally found the treatment for all cancers. He proposed that cancer was caused by a deficiency of Vitamin B 17 (Laetrile, Amygdaline).
To prove that it was not toxic to humans he injected it into his own arm. As he predicted, there were no harmful or distressing side effects. The Laetrile had no harmful effect on normal cells but was deadly to cancer cells.  Dr. Ernst Krebs stated that we need at least a minimum of 100 mg of B-17 or around 7 bitter apricot seeds to almost guarantee a cancer free life.
Nitriloside is a beta-cyanophoric glycosides, a large group of water- soluble, sugar-containing compounds found in a number of plants. Amygdalin is one of the most common nitrilosides. Laetrile is a partly man-made molecule and shares only part of the amygdalin structure. Both Laetrile and amygdalin have been promoted as "Vitamin B-17".

Laetrile stands for  laevo-rotatory mandelonitrile  beta-diglucoside. The "laevo" part references a purified form of B-17 that turns polarized light in a left-turning direction. Dr. Krebs, Jr. believed that only the left-rotating Laevo form was effective against cancer. So it's important to check the purity of your Laetrile
Sources of Vit B-17
There are more than 1200 plants that contain nitriloside or laetrile (Vitamin B 17). Bitter Apricot seeds have the highest content of B-17 on earth.  Here are some of the major foods that contain this amazing cancer fighting Laetrile:
1.    Seeds of Fruits or Kernels: Seeds of bitter apricot, cherry, apple, peach, plum, pear & prune contain good amounts of laetrile.
2.    Nuts: Macadamia, Bitter Almond and Walnuts.
3.    Beans: Burma, Broad (Vicia faba), lentils (sprouted), mung (sprouted), lima, Scarlet runner, Rangoon.
4.    Berries: Nearly all wild berries- Chokeberry, Blackberry, Christmas berry, Elderberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Strawberry.
5.    Grasses: Acacia, Aquatic, Alfaalfa (sprouted), Milkweed, Sudan, Minus, white dover, wheat grass.
6.    Seeds: Flax, Chia, Sesame.
How B-17 works (A tale of two enzymes)
Laetrile, commonly known as Vitamin B-17 or Amygdalin, contains two units of Sugar, one of Benzaldehyde and one of Cyanide, all tightly locked within it. Everyone knows that cyanide is can be highly toxic and even fatal if taken in sufficient quantity. However, as it is in locked state is completely inert and absolutely has no effect on living tissue. There is only one substance that can unlock this molecule and release the cyanide. That
Life of Hunzas revolves around Apricots
substance is an enzyme called beta-glucocidase, which we shall call the unlocking enzyme. When B-17 comes in contact with this enzyme, not only the cyanide is released but also Benzaldehyde which is highly toxic by itself. In fact, these two working together are at least 100 times more poisonous than either of them separately. The unlocking enzyme is not found to any dangerous degree anywhere in the body except at the cancer cell where it is present in great quantity. The result is that Vit B-17 is unlocked at the cancer cells becomes poisonous to the cancer cells and only to the cancer cells.
There is another important enzyme called Rodanese, which we shall identify as protecting enzyme. The reason is that it has the ability to neutralize cyanide by converting it instantly into the byproducts (thiocyanate) that actually are beneficial and essential for health. This enzyme is found in great quantities in every part of the body except the cancer cells which consequently is not protected. Here then is a biochemical process that destroys cancer cells while at the same time nourishing and sustaining non-cancerous cells. It is intricate and perfect mechanism of nature that simply couldn’t be accidental.

It has Cyanide still Is it really safe?
I should also clarify the misconception that laetrile contains highly poisonous chemical cyanide. But it does contain cyanide ion (-CN), not the chemical cyanide. When laetrile is metabolized in the body it is converted to thiocyanate, a relatively non-toxic product that has inhibitory effect against cancer (Contreras, 1982). Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) also contain cyanide ion, but that is absolutely safe and essential for our body.
The story of the Hunza people
A small population known as the Hunzas who reside in a valley at the extreme northern part of India are known for their vitality, good health and longevity. These people often live to 110 or even 130 years and are able to perform hard physical labor all their lives. They never develop cancer until they leave their homeland and start eating new food. Apricot is the secret of their long and cancer free life. Hunzas consume approximately 200 times more vitamin B-17 than the average American. Eskimos have also traditionally been free from cancer, because the Eskimos receive Laetrile through eating caribou meat.

Vitamin B-15
Vitamin B-15 has been mentioned as an important auxiliary therapy to vitamin B-17. Vitamin B-15 is called pangamic acid. Pan implies everywhere and gami means seed. It was so named because it is found in small amounts almost everywhere on earth in seeds and usually with the other members of the vitamin-B complex. Like B-17, it was also discovered by Dr. E.T. Krebs, while exploring the chemical properties of bitter apricot kernels in 1952. It was an unexpected bonus or by-product of the search for vitamin B-17. It was part of vitamin B group up to 1970.

The best way to understand the effect of vitamin B-15 is to think of it as instant oxygen. It increases the oxygen efficiency of the entire body and aids in the detoxification of waste products. Since cancer cells do not thrive in the presence of oxygen but depend rather on fermentation of glucose, it is probable that B-15, indirectly, is an enemy of cancer.
It has been reported that the Russian athletes have been given heavy doses of B-15 during their participation at the Olympics. If this is true, there is good reason for it. Experiments have shown that this substance, although just a natural food factor, greatly increases physical strength and stamina (Dr Robert E. Willner M.D., 1993). 
B-15 has also been used to treat fatigue, general stress, headaches, asthma, autism, high serum cholesterol, atherosclerosis, hypertension, shortness of breath, angina, premature aging, insomnia, rheumatism, musculoskeletal chest pain and alcohol problems, possibly reducing the craving and hang over.

Science and Politics of Laetrile  

The pharmaceutical companies, unable to patent or claim exclusive rights to the Laetrile, launched a propaganda attack against B-17, despite the fact that hard proof of its efficiency in controlling all forms of cancer surrounds us in overwhelming abundance. Why has orthodox medicine waged war against this non-profit non-drug approach? G. Edward Griffin, author of the book “World Without Cancer” states that the answer is to be found not in science, but in politics of cancer, and is based upon the hidden economic and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment.

In the U.S. the FDA has tried to use unfair tactics, not law, to denounce vitamin B-17 in early seventies. Vitamin B-17, or Laetrile Therapy still used in Mexico, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Japan and many other countries.
Although it was not approved for treatment, doctors like John A. Richardson M.D. began using it “illegally” to treat patients at his clinic in San Francisco, and it was working remarkably better than orthodox treatments. His success with laetrile is well documented in his book  “Laetrile Case Histories”.
Statue of Liberty, U.S.A.
Early in 1974, the California medical board brought formal charges against Stewart M. Jones, M.D., for using Laetrile in the treatment of cancer patients. It was learned later, however, that Dr. Julius Levine, one of the members of that board, himself had been using Laetrile in the treatment of his own cancer. When Dr. Jones' case came up for review, the political pressures were so great that Dr. Levine felt compelled to resign from his post rather than come out openly in support of Dr. Jones and his patients. All this happened in a democratic country whose national symbol is the Statue of Liberty. 

Dr. Dean Burk, the former head of the Cytochemistry Department of the
Dr Dean Burk
National Cancer Institute, and one of the co-founders of this famous American medical institution, had worked on Vitamin B-17 personally. He described, “When we added laetrile to a cancer culture under the microscope, we observed the cancer cells dying off like flies. What a scene! I saw thousand dreams of “World Without Cancer” in  fraction of second. Beta-glucosidase enzyme only present in cancer cells, which triggers the unique cancer-destroying mechanism found in Vitamin B-17. Dr Burk also stated that evidence for Laetrile’s efficacy had been noted in at least five independent institutions in three different countries. 

Dr. Harold W Manner
Dr. Harold W. Manner, Professor of Biology and Chairman of the Biology Department of Chicago's Loyola University said, “I was lecturing in Buffalo, New York and after I had praised Laetrile’s efficacy and its role in cancer treatment, a man stood up and said Dr. Manner, how can you make such statements. Did you forget that  a little girl in upstate New York took her father's Laetrile tablets and died of cyanide poisoning. Just then a little lady stood up and told angrily, “Dr. Manner let me answer this gentleman. I think I am only entitled to because I am that little girl's mother. My daughter never touched her father's Laetrile tablets. The doctor, knowing the father was on Laetrile, marked down possible cyanide poisoning.
Dr. Ernesto Contreras operated the Oasis of Hope Hospital  in Tijuana  for over 30 years. He has treated many thousands of cancer patients, most of whom are American citizens.
Laetrile - Metabolic Therapy  
Metabolic therapy is a non-toxic cancer treatment based on the use of Vitamin B- 17, proteolytic pancreatic enzymes, immuno-stimulants, and vitamin and mineral supplements. 
There are three parts to this program:
1.  Laetrile
2.  Vitamins and enzymes
3.  Diet
Phase I Metabolic - Prgram for the first 21 days
Amygdalin (Laetrile) is available in 500 mg. tablets and in vials (10 cc 3 Gm) for intravenous use. Both forms are used. Two vials of aetrile is given IV three times weekly for three weeks with at least one day between injections (Mon., Wed., Fri.). Dose of Amygdalin Tablets 500 mg is 2 tab three times a day with meals on the days on which the patients do not receive the intravenous Laetrile. Thiocyanate levels in the blood can be measured during treatment. In general, the patients who do best are those in whom the thiocyanate level is between 1.2 and 2.5 Mg/DL (Philip E.Bizel).

Vitamins and Enzymes
Preven-Ca Caps - Preven-Ca is a comprehensive blend of potent herb and fruit extracts, designed to provide a broad Spectrum of Flavonoids with scientifically demonstrated Antioxidant activity and effectiveness. One capsule with each meal.
Vitamin B15 - One capsule three times a daily at the end of each meal.
Megazyme Forte (Proteolytic Enzymes) Three tablets two hours after each meal (9 daily).
Ester Vitamin C 1000 mg capsule - One capsule with each meal.
Shark Cartilage It has been said that Sharks are the healthiest creature on earth. Sharks are immune to practically every disease known to man. One capsule three times a daily with each meal.
Natural Vitamin E 400 iu - One gel with lunch and one with dinner.
AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) - Two capsules with each meal.                             
Multi Vitamin & Mineral Liquid - 1 oz (two tablespoons) once daily with a meal.
Vitamin A & E Emulsion - 5 drops in juice or water three times per day.
Barley Grass Juice - One teaspoon in juice three times per day.
Bitter apricot seeds - No more than 12 every 2 hours 6 times a day.
Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) - DMSO is a by-product of the wood and paper industry.  It is known for its ability to permeate living tissue and stimulate cellular processes.  
Or Phase 1 Oral
Injectable Amygdalin is replaced with 500mg Amygdalin tablets. Binzel recommends 2 of these tablets with each meal for a total of 6 per day. Otherwise the ORAL Phase 1 includes the same materials as above.

Phase 2 Metabolic - Program for the next 3 months
It comprises the same materials as Phase 1 except that the dosages for the vitamin B-17 as well as the A&E Emulsion Drops change to the following:
Vitamin B-17 500 mg tablets: 1 tablet with each meal and one at bedtime.
Vitamin A & E emulsion drops: 10 drops in juice or water two times per day (suspend for 2 months after 3 months of use).

 Consume those fruits (i.e. seeds), grains and nuts that are rich in laetrile. Consume salads with healthy dressings. For protein patient should consume whole grains including corn, beans, buckwheat, nuts, dried fruits. Real butter in small amounts is permitted. The patients are not permitted anything which contains white flour or white sugar. Take away all meat, all poultry, all fish, all eggs, cheese, cottage cheese and milk from patients. Margarine is detrimental to good nutrition. No coffee is permitted.

Zinc acts as transport vehicle for laetrile in the body. If patient does not have sufficient zinc, laetrile will not get into the tissues of the body. That’s why you should give a spoonful of pumpkin seeds along with bitter apricot kernels. The body will not rebuild any tissue without sufficient quantities of Vitamin C etc.
Quotes on B-17
"Laetrile is another key component for keeping cancer from growing and should be considered a standard, entirely safe treatment for all cancer patients." - Dr. Atkins., M.D.
 After more than twenty years of such specialized work, I have found the non-toxic Laetrile is far superior to any other known cancer treatment or preventative. In my opinion it is the only existing possibility for the ultimate control of cancer. - Dr. Nieper (from World Without Cancer by Edward Griffin)
Laetrile can control cancer. But it is not widely available to the public, because it cannot be patented, and therefore is not commercially attractive to the pharmaceutical industry. 
I have been using Laetrile in the treatment of cancer since the mid1970s and our success is astounding. He tells of his ongoing battle with the medical establishment, but this is primarily the story of his alive-and-well patients.  
 Dr. Philip E. Binzel, Jr., M.D.

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