Saturday, November 29, 2014

Miracle of Budwig Cancer Therapy

Magic of our Intensive Training Program 

This patient Mrs. Shanti 40 years in age belongs to a village near Dungar Garh. She came to us in August, 2014 for the first time. She suffered from Leomyosarcoma Uterus (Cancer of Uterus) before one and half years. She was operated and treated by conventional treatment at Bikaner. She remained in remission for six months. After that she developed Metastasis Tumor in Left Lumbar region. She also had severe anemia (Hb was 5.7 gm in June, 2014), pain, weakness, ascites, anorexia and vomiting. No treatment was helping her. Then somebody told her to consult me. When I examined her she looked very weak, pale, apathic and drowsy, she hardly spoke anything. Her Hemoglobin was approx. 7 Gms.  She had unbearable pain in her left Lumbar region.

The whole family was uneducated and lived in farm in rural area. They do not understand Hindi. It was really very difficult for us to train them, as communication was a big problem. But our  audio-visual approach helped and conducted the training anyhow. I was very sure that they will hardly follow Budwig Protocol more than a few days. But after a month and half her brother spoke to me and told that patient is improving slowly and asked some questions. It was a bit strange for me but still I had no hope. 


 On November 25, 2014 when she stepped in to my clinic,  I was totally shocked to see her. What a change! What a miracle!! She was entirely a new woman. She looked active, healthy, happy and young. She was smiling, her face was glowing. Her vomiting stopped, appetite improved and pain reduced. She was talking and asking questions in her local language. She followed the Budwig treatment nicely, and she has not taken any conventional treatment during last four months. This time her Hemoglobin was 11.5 Gms, though we did not prescribe her any iron capsule. Her Metastatic tumor which was 84x78x55 mm in June 10, 2014 has reduced to 46x34 mm, a drastic reduction in size. Liver size became normal and kidney stone passed out. This is a magic of Budwig Protocol. This wellness was achieved by use of Flax oil, the sun shine in a bottle or rather the essence of our life.
Many people think that Budwig Protocol is just a mixture of Flax oil and cottage cheese. It is biggest mistake one can ever do. Because in real terms Budwig Protocol is much much more than that. It is healing of body, mind and spirit. Here the difference between winning and losing is so small that your minute neglect can tip the balance of the whole treatment. And that is why thorough and expert training is so important for every patient who wishes to take Budwig Protocol.


Dr. O.P.Verma
M.B.B.S., M.R.S.H. (London)
7-B-43, Mahaveer Nagar III, Kota Raj.

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