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Biological cancer defense

Biological cancer defense
The Justice of the Federal Republic since 1985, informed that cancer cure by linoleic and linolenic acids (mainly linseed oil) is possible. At the extremely high number of cured patients were approximately 80 - 90% cases of untreatable!
Letter dated 31 0th 1985 by Prof. Brkki straws (Senator) 
To Mr. Justice Minister Dr Heinz Eyrich (Originally in English)

Dear Dr. Eyrich! 
I am writing to you after I was asked by Dr. Budwig, to tell you more about their research findings and the addition. I am a biologist and professor who has dedicated the past 30 years of cancer research. Therefore, we know each other well from the third world cancer congress in Rome in 1971 and several letters. I have written to Dr. Budwig the Nobel Prize Committee in Stockholm, and proposed to give this year's Nobel Prize for Medicine in them. I wrote:

First Cancer detection in the human body by paper chromatography 
Second Curing cancer with linoleic and linolenic

The paper chromatography has proven for 30 years, such as cancer can be detected at an early stage in any part of the human body, as with other methods is not possible. 
There are a large number of positive evidence for the effectiveness of linoleic acid, which is found mainly in linseed oil. Although still no double-image studies were done, there is still an enormous number of cured patients (of which approximately 80 - 90% of cases are untreatable). It would surely be inhuman not to take advantage of this opportunity and to ignore this large number of cures. 
I am of the opinion that the work that Dr. Budwig has done and still does, so important is because it opens new opportunities by 5 million to help people who suffer from cancer every year worldwide.

Brkki straws, Professor, Senator hc
The cause of cancer and most diseases of civilization! 
Ban industrially hardened, fully heated and pulled up announced chemically preserved (polymerized) since 1955, but never fat.

Letter from Secretary Dr. Hensen in the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture 
III B 4-3833.24-376/54, Bonn, June 25, 1955

To Dr. J. Budwig, Münster / Westphalia., Wiener Straße 33
Polymerized oil
In July 1951 I had the Institute for Virus Research and Experimental Medicine, Sielbeck Eutin commissioned to examine the applicability of polymerized fats for human consumption. The report of the institute was likely to be very careful in terms of the polymerized oils for human consumption. The other attempts I made ​​to perform by the German Institute for Lipid Research in Münster, reinforce this impression, and led me to advise both the German fish industry and the German margarine industry maximum restraint in the use of polymerized fats. Together with the Federal Minister of the Interior I have considered once the test results, a ban on the use of polymerized oils manufactured products. Such a prohibition could not be limited to the domestic sector, in September 1953 a meeting was held with scientists from Norway, because Norway was greatly interested in the export of industrial products using fish oils polymerized. At this meeting were: 
Prof. Dr. R. Nikolaysen Oslo, Prof. Dr. O. Torgersen, Oslo, Rikshospitalet: Dr. Ing H. Nilsen Chem Moe, Dr. Karber, Prof. Dr. Dr. Lang, Dr. H. Frahm. Dr. H. Werner .............
Thus, the fear of bodily injury to you when polymerized oil consumption by other scientific side has been confirmed, and to consider the fact that there is development as done. Shown for the help from you on this issue, I thank you very much. By writing this letter I sent to the Member of Parliament Dr. J. Jochmus. 
Yours faithfully, Yours very sincerely, signed by Dr. H. Hensen

Cancer - The Problem and the Solution 
Dr. John Budwig - Documentation - ISBN 3-932576-63-2 
Sensei Verlag, Stuttgart Beer Str 13, 71394 Kernen 
When prosecutors have intervened!

Words of a prosecutor is curable with very simple means of cancer 
Foreword: "Death to the tumor volume 2," Dr. John Budwig 
The following documentation contains the proof that the great civilization disease that bears the name of cancer, usually with simple technical means can be cured. 
Medical science and practice, not so much the health policy-decision makers, hereto not pass, can not turn this responsibility to provide proof that they have other things - whatever they may be - are more important than health and life of their care people. 
Here, the dividing line between humanity and inhumanity, something crucial is required: Something new to learn a new way of thinking and admit that you are on the wrong track, that one was on the wrong track. And then to act accordingly! 
No one can deny that this is the hardest thing you can ever ask for. But nobody can deny, too, that we are able to act according to our conscience if we want to. 
The pity for the suffering people can be strong motivation impetus to such a courage to such self-knowledge are necessary. And furthermore, this can cause the realization that even if one such stop and reverse extort not might, with all that as a self nor dear and may be expensive, not from certain destruction, which was left to the suffering fellow men, too will escape. 
Because the cancer is so much more than just the individuals manifesting disease: It is the symbol, a symptom of a declining civilization. This decline is, like life's work documented here shows that the independent researcher, Dr. Johanna Budwig, not inevitable. But strong moral force and strong intellectual powers are needed - everywhere, not only in cancer therapy - to avert it.

Sick is not only the individual cancer patient. Ill, the entire civilization that produced the growing army of cancer patients. Just as one might speak of the growing army of suicide, the death rate, the alcoholics, the criminals or the mentally ill, or from the growing army of unemployed. 
That cancer results from the overall state of society, is also reflected in how desperately difficult it is, the simple facts, by which it can be prevented or cured, in the public consciousness with whatever consequences are perceptible only to let. Therefore, it is not only understandable but necessary that Dr. Johanna Budwig with the types and methods, such as the interlocking problems of cancer patients and at risk of cancer with their personal fate and the whole social situation. 
Dr. Budwig has as a consequence of her life to the fate that has become the order of atomic physics break through the limitations of a reductionist materialist world view through into place in that region, where again the phenomena of life are grasped as such! Basically, these are the scientific overcome certain all consciousness, all existence with solidification penetrating mind and hostile schemes of a one-sided materialistic thinking. Was not this a breakthrough for the understanding of life that must have had in mind the masters of the atomic physics research at the steep paths to their end? The problem of the ether, the life-carrying cosmic primordial substance, to the problem of non-on-detectability of this factor, the ratio of matter and energy, the transition of matter into not more externally demonstrable, nevertheless effects were powerful, that is, the spiritual is unavoidable in the background its rule of recognition. No less a person than Goethe was primarily in his work on the metamorphosis of plants, and in dealing with Newton in his theory of color from completely different conditions, a similar path. 
Insights on the state of today's cancer research and treatment as they are seen in this book could raise awareness of the fundamental design flaws of the society from which herauseitert of cancer as a medical disease process in a growing number of weaknesses: We have made ​​the pre-industrial era is a social system inherited, in which the individual motivating factors - with the legal-political and economic realities often tangled in a fatal unit - for example in education, in science. Have been in earlier times this unity of culture, economy and the state may beneficial. Under the new conditions of industrial culture, this entanglement means that even the simplest realization of insights, even those which might depend on the survival of the social whole hardly seems possible. 
The illustrated alternative to the official cancer therapy calls for the question of social, political, legal, out of consciousness for alternatives! They can be found neither in Marxism nor in Western capitalist world. And even old Eastern healing teachings of our culture can not help out aus'der iron brackets of the constraints. Where would the alternative, if they are to look for? 
Certainly not in the superficial, immediately in front of everybody's nose perceptible. So true it is but a simple humane treatment of the tumor, as sure as there are on this earth and the modern way of healing the social, consciousness-chaos. It lies in ourselves, in our conscience, in our thinking, in our conscience and prudence of certain disinterested action anywhere else than on the, has asked us to our fate. Even if we are vigilant and have patience, prudence, determination, and to look with confidence in the supporting intellectual forces of humanity and confront the worst abuses in our direct sphere of influence begin, we contribute to the healing of social, of humanity's tumor. Necessary, is that those of good will, encourage each other, the great social and political ideals of freedom of humanity, equality and fraternity, even under difficult circumstances in the particular circumstances of life to remain loyal. Respect for freedom - one's own and that of others - must, in particular in education, in the practical way of life of the individual, equality must in justice and fraternity, must be among the people in the economy, despite all, more and more to the currency, whatever otherwise 
our beliefs and interests are. And at least a reflection of the light of such solidarity of the people we are the creatures of nature owe, on which our outer life. 
The findings are essential for this purpose in the anthroposophical humanities and social sciences since over 50 years ago. Findings that may provide for the fruitful work of the people a starting point. 
There must be concrete the ideals of people in a realistic attitude in real life, ultimately leading to new social structures: At a state and economy independent of the true inner intentions of the people growing out of education and academia, to the satisfaction of human needs, serving the economy and one at the idea of equality-oriented, inside and outside independent law. 
4th December 1977 
KH Denzlinger, 
Public prosecutor 
The slow death of the supermarket 
From the intimate fusion of fresh linseed oil with low-fat cottage cheese creates a high-quality therapeutic, a totally new substance that is easily digestible and very palatable.These oil-protein combination corresponds to a deep need for nourishment of the body: It is indeed these two substances. It is important that in particular the oil is "alive": A so-called cold-pressed linseed oil, which have to pressure a temperature of 90 degrees allowed, because a limit allows it and is then treated with 280 degree hot steam, a rancid forever is prevented, as a dead mouse, has nothing more life-giving in itself, no information. On the other hand is a linseed oil, which does not exceed a temperature of 38 degrees to the pressure, because the machines have been cooled down before pressing to minus ten degrees, and the absence of air filled in sunscreen cans and immediately cooled, full of trapped solar energy. This energy goes over in subtle ways in the organism and organizes all life processes. 
Linseed oil freshly ground pepper, chilled below 38 degrees during the manufacturing process and the book "Cancer - the problem and the solution is on the shipping routes available to Mr. Bloching 07441-2877.

Very surprising is the impact of this oil-protein-cure in the presence of brain tumor about the sides of the brain ventricles. In general, here is the secretion of the tumor and excretion, apparent to the patient and the relatives of the nasopharynx. This assistance stops, ie, under the basic principles according to the guidelines described above, other tumors or metastases do not occur. With the success of leukemia in children is quickly and clearly. The diet-related cause in accordance with here is pretty clear. In older people with leukemia and cancer in the spleen occurs, the success is not as fast, but clear. These examples should suffice to illustrate: For the scientific community should be the policy of promoting growth forces to overcome the congestion associated with tumor formation. Hans von Euler found that dissimilar fats are seen as a common denominator for all types of tumors. All Krebsnoxen their property developed as a fold Krebsnoxen only when they are dissolved in fat, "especially in" bad fats. Fats that are rich in pi-electrons in association with the sulfhydryl group, in plasma membranes and to overcome the segregation of exogenous fat. They overcome the effect of benzpyrene as Krebsnoxe. 
6th My way of scientific evidence 
As chief consultant for fats and drugs while I was working in 1951: 
a) the function of "lipotropic" drugs; 
b) analysis for characterization of fats and fatty acids. 
I noticed: In medicine was for scientific studies of "lipotropic substances" the kind of fat, Lipo itself not be considered. My experiment (see "fat syndrome," Plate I, Fig c) 1951, the arrest proved the sulfhydryl group with the diene fatty acid and the influence on the solubility of fats. Until these scientific findings, I, who finished with a thorough theoretical and practical evidence work was published together with Prof. K. A year passed. Much resistance was felt. When I in 1952 the offer of Prof. K., hush money to publish anything more, turned down, I recognized the risk associated with not full. I lost my job and also any further opportunity to work in an institution, was prevented. But this, my decision was right in the service of the truth of science. For my efforts, in collaboration with hospitals to provide proof of the realization that I was always friends, but also fierce counter-actions. The big business of Unilever's margarine industry went over there and again sporadically and legally tangible appearance. This was related to disruption of my medical studies. In this context, Prof. M. difference in Göttingen by committed suicide. 
The function of the pi-electrons of the fatty acids according to the electron Biology 
The new-found aspects of the importance of highly unsaturated fatty acids on the biology of lipoid membrane, lipid metabolism, respiration, protein synthesis and cell degradation, I expanded for growth processes involving electrons biology. The dienes (pi-electrons) act as bases in the broader sense. The thus-recognized possibility for controlling the redox potential is also permitted the metabolism of the highly unsaturated fats into communication with the immune biological processes of the lymphatic system.This affects the immune biological processes in all disease resistance, in secretions, especially the spark membrane of the kidneys, bladder, liver, prostate, stomach and pancreas as well as control of sexual functions (see "fat syndrome" 9).

Dr. J. Budwig 
"Cancer cure possible even in already irradiated, chemotherapy and conventional medicine to patients discontinued about 90%." 
Dr. Johanna Budwig was attacked because of their highly successful lipid therapies and even dragged before a court. The following procedure from 1975 as well as hundreds of successfully completed cases and cancer patients their letters of thanks in the book "The Death of the tumor," document the accuracy of their treatment strategies: 
Prosecutor at the District Court Business No 21 Js 10729/74 
Rottweil, 30 5th 1975 
The charges against Dr. Johanna Budwig, Dietersweiler the proceeding is terminated because of fraud. The costs are borne by the Treasury. 
For the reasons: 
"Einstrafbares behavior of the accused, Dr. J. Budwig within the meaning of § 263 StBG is not available. Dr. Budwig uses as a healer outsider method. Your view assumes that the causes are addressing the cancerous growth. This causes it sees as disorders of lipid metabolism of human body cells. They can be based on good knowledge of relevant scientific areas of biochemistry, physics, physiology, and others. Their method of treatment used for years has represented Dr. Budwig at scientific meetings and has presented it in scientific treatises. Dr. Budwig has been a lot of thank you letters about healing results in the files. It is particularly interesting that one of the letter is written by a specialist, occurred at his father after a treatment by Dr. Budwig a healing success and that others come from a medical director of a major radiation clinic. 
Signed by the attorney and signed by Attorney Dr. Hauser

Other books by Dr. Johanna Budwig: 
The fat syndrome 
The book by Mrs. Dr. Budwig John to write the foreword is an honor. 
Prof. G. Verdonk, a member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium medicine. 
I am firmly convinced that, Dr. Budwigs new plant, pathological, physiological, bio-chemically, pharmacologically and clinically sound good enough, certainly contribute much to the advancement of science. 
October 1959 Dr. Pharm Setzuro Ohno, Professor of Toho University 
"The fat syndrome" - Excerpt: Figure B - blood of cancer patients. Are observed mainly in the sagitta white arrows mark worm-like creatures, outstanding from red blood cells, with a significant proper motion. Tone of the red cell changes. And while relaxed. Top creatures marked in red blood cells disappear in the course of therapy

Cancer. The problem and solution 
Whom to contact doctors actually, if they have cancer? 
For over 40 years, the award-nominated for the Nobel Prize scientist, Dr. J. Budwig successfully treated cancer patients. She is a certified pharmacist, qualified chemist with a doctorate in chemistry and physics and was a senior consultant for pharmaceutical and high in fats and direct governmental function on behalf of the Federal Ministries act. More than 50% of your patients are doctors or relatives of physicians, who know why they rely on such a serious disease on the experiences of these brilliant physicist, chemist and pharmacologist, rather than the prevailing opinion to close, which says that tumors with Chemotherapy and radiation have to be destroyed
Oil-protein diet 
All fats are the dominant phenomena of life substances 
Unfortunately, this method of treatment of the high science is not only despised, but also silenced. This fact should however not prevent the cancer, to try on this way. This simple treatment - the oil-protein diet - has over all other two disadvantages: 1 it looks too easy, does not sound taught, 2nd it requires a personal effort to rethink. But it is the only wholesome organic method. 
Books by Dr. Budwig can be obtained from Mr. Bloching 07441-2877 Phone

Cancer scandal of the century, WHERE Lehnberg, ES-Verlag AG, or Tel.07042-959 437
A documentation of the tortuous path of a terrible medical school cancer research: 
To the cancer has spread to a thick felt of business and science - a huge, profit-oriented business - formed. A system so that lives under the laws of the market by revenue. Of the healthy subjects can not exist, this system, therefore, patients need to be there at the top more and more sick ... With ever more sophisticated methods today are getting smaller and smaller tumors detected and then with more radical methods of chemotherapy treatment - with the result that only 30-50 % of patients the side effects of therapies to die. The mystery is why there are more and more cancer patients and cancer deaths, is an open secret. For decades, the cancer cause is known: Tiny single-celled organisms live and breed within our red blood cells, is almost undisturbed, eventually overwhelm the immune systems of the organism. These parasites - their size is at the limit of visibility are long-isolated, can be controlled breeding, it creates them with experimental tumors. The official Cancer Research has, however, such a set of old dogmas, that you have no other choice but to ignore these new, modern research and combat. After threatening the previously accumulated debt of blood, wasting the huge budget, the threat of unimaginable avalanche process, image, and post-budget losses, the imminent collapse of a billion dollar market, threatening the leading members of this system. They are using new techniques and (since 1972!) High-resolution video microscopy easily detectable in all tumor cell parasites clearly not a virus, but tiny juvenile forms of protozoa. Protozoa including the causative agents of syphilis and malaria. One can (könnte!) they specifically combat. The public should be informed that the official cancer medicine currently only diseased cells, but not combat the disease-causing pathogens. The funded with billions fight against cancer takes place not at all opposed to the victim rather than the perpetrators - with everyone from the statistics-read results. 
"Nowadays, if publicized, that the cancer research concealed the discovery of the carcinogen for twenty years, there would then be an avalanche of disasters for the medicine to be: There would be an unimaginable loss of confidence in the entire state of the doctors expected, a drying up of generosity and state grants , Image-and post-loss of today's luminaries by admission of embarrassment frittered billion budget unnecessarily to have, the collapse of a whole and from cancer-surviving felt, the admission of an enormous debt of blood, a roll of lawsuits and a flood of astronomical compensation claims. " 
Prof. Helmuth W. Sontag

Do we have a potential carcinogen even in the blood? 
Dr. Alfons Weber, ES-publishing or phone 07042-813974 
With the world constantly publicized carcinogens in the abiotic environment, the so-called carcinogens has irresponsibly been infinitely more widespread fear and anxiety among the people, without any precise evidence existed to support this theory. 
Dr. Weber, Erding is the theory of carcinogens contrary to the evidence that it is in every cancer tumor formation at the fourth stage of a chronic, slowly progressive infectious disease pathogens is the smallest he films alive.

$ Kreb bankruptcy 
Ernst Wollenweber, ARTV-Verlag Berlin ISBN 3-00-010683-9 
Ernst Wollenweber in this book describes the struggle of the little country doctor against the "wind mills" of a medical industry that are trying to cover up his discovery by all means. He also shows very clearly that millions of people have probably died unnecessarily in agony from cancer.

Carcinogen discovered 
Tamara Lebedeva 
Driediger publisher, ISBN 3-932130-13-8 
The Russian scientist Lebedev Tamara studied for years to cancer and discovered its pathogen: In this book she describes her path to discovery. It identifies the causes of cancer just as clear as it highlights opportunities for the prevention and cure. 
Already in the 19th century scientists had set up in different countries, the claim that cancer is caused by parasites. For example, described by Prof. Enderlein, these so-called him "endobionts" that can be made ​​harmless forms of morbid and even mortal enemies. 
Thus, the scientific work of Lebedev fits into the research of many others before her."Incurable" diseases, ways to cure diabetes, impotence, adenoma, multiple sclerosis, including chronic diseases, cannibals of the microworld, Driediger, ISBN 3-932130-12-x

Parasites, the hidden cause of many diseases 
Alan E. Baklayan, Holistic Healing, Goldmann, ISBN 3-X-442-14163 
Allergies, immune deficiency, gout, migraine, or menstrual cramps - a lot of chronic health problems are caused by parasites. Parasite - similar to fungal attack - far more widespread than previously thought. As long as the relationship is not seen through, the prognosis is poor. An accessible for the layman explanation of parasites is urgently needed.

Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and the earth is flat 
Lothar Hirneise, Sensei ISBN 3-932576-67-5 Publisher 
Have you ever thought why not irradiate oncologist can be prevented? 
Scientists at the McGill Cancer Centre in the United States sent a questionnaire to 118 oncologists, and asked them what would be the 6 standard therapies they use on themselves. 79 doctors responded and of these 64 said that they would never make a therapy with cisplatin. A fairly standard chemotherapy, with a turnover of 100 million euro is at least a year. Much worse, however, was that 58 of the 79 physicians responded that they would never do chemotherapy because it is ineffective and, second, first, to be toxic.

Pleomorphism, Blutsymbionten, blood parasites, fungi, blood 
Jost Dumrese / Bruno Haefeli Haug Verlag ISBN 3 7760-1521-7

Dark field blood diagnostics 
Christiane Häring 
A guide to the pleomorphism of Prof. Dr. Enderlein and Prof. von Brehmer 
medicina per 06127-62342

Cardiovascular diseases in the last handle 
Stage victory of medicine over one of the most serious disease groups: 
The cardiovascular diseases (strophanthin) 
Dr. Hans Kaegelmann 
Publishing critical science 02292-7906 
ISBN 3-925914-98-6

The possible defeat of heart attack 
Prevent angina pectoris and myocardial infarction almost 100% 
Rolf-Jürgen Petry 
Publisher Florilegium 
ISBN 3-00-010149-7

What doctors will not tell 
The truth about the dangers of modern medicine 
Has the potential to save lives 
Lynne McTaggart, Sensei-Verlag, ISBN 3 -932576-55-1 
Every year, 1.7 million British equivalent of the population of Munich - in hospital beds because of medical procedures that have gone wrong. 
The shocking truth is that for 80% of most of the treatments that we take for granted - lower cholesterol, heart surgery, even for treatments for everyday ailments such as arthritis or asthma - no scientific evidence indicates that they work or that they are safe.In many cases, medical treatment is worse than the disease.

Do not trust a doctor 
About the enormous dangers of modern medicine and how to protect yourself. 
Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn Mahajiva 3-924845-22-0

Revolution in medicine and health 
Dr. Hans A. Nieper, MIT Press ISBN 3-925188-18-5 
Prof. Vollmar: "Germany is active, too much cut off 10.000Beine year ..."

HIV myth 
A critical analysis of the AIDS hysteria 
Michael Leitner, Videel publisher 04661-900115 
Skewed statistics, tricky virus proof, illegal drugs and tests disabled

Vaccination - Genocide in the Third Millennium 
Krafeld / Stefan Lanka 
With contributions to history and education of AIDS, BSE and FMD 
Press ISBN 3-928689-23-1 oriole

The pharmaceutical Story 
The big hoax 
Hans Ruesch, ISBN 3-87721-027-1 Publisher Hirthammer

Vaccination of large-scale attack on the brain and soul 
Harris L. Coulter 
Hirthammer Verlag ISBN 3-88721-109-x

Literature for therapists and informed lay people 
The erythrocyte plasma protein film near 
Morphological and biophysical basis for a microscopy method for early cancer indicator A. Left 
Cancer and obligate Pilzparasitismus 
Prof. F. Gerlach 
The hidden parasitism of blood cells 
in humans, particularly in the blood of cancer patients 
Prof. Dr. Villequez, 
"Siphonospora polymorpha" by Br in its importance for blood and tumor diseases - evidence of the causal pathogenesis of cancer through the Siphonospora 
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm von Bremer 
Zur Frage der Stellung der Bakterien, Hefen und Schimmelpilze im System 
Prof. Dr. William Ph. Dunbar 
Grundlagenforschung über Krebs und Leukämie 
Prof. Dr. Dr. Gyuala de Szilvay 
Immungeschehen und Krebs 
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. PG Seeger 
Semmerweiß-Verlag, D Hoya Tel. 04251-491


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